GII Advantage

Exposures to loss and liabilities may potentially cause financial hardship and affect the efficiency of your business operations. The GII RMD is proactive in the process of identifying risk factors that may impact your company’s operations. Our team of risk management professionals plan and present effective solutions and preventative actions that help reduce those exposures that may make your business operation vulnerable to accidents and loss. Affordable Comprehensive Expertise is what we provide in the Protection of your interests, we refer to this as GIIAdvantage™. There are two sides of RMD. Safety & Risk Control Services, surveys the worksite operational behaviors, site hazards, employers’ accident reports, and then responds with measure to enhance safety and reduce exposures to industrial loss. Workers’ Compensation Claims Management performs as the employers’ own claims advocate in the interest of protecting employers’ coverage and cost of insurance, and providing the employer with a driving force to speedier and more cost effective claim resolution. GII RMD partners with the employer to build a safer workplace and produce better industrial safety results which help to protect the employers’ bottom-line. GII RMD provides access to the Risk Management Safety & Risk Control Services platform to our clients. A login and password are required to access the site. If you have not already received a new login/password to access this platform, you must request one by clicking here to Register.

Program Highlights:

Workers' Compensation Claims Management Services

  • Review and Monitor Open Claims that Impact Experience Modification and Renewal Policy Premiums.
  • Conduct Claims Review Meetings.
  • Coordinate Claims Investigation with Adjuster, as Requested or as Needed.
  • Request Administrative Closure or Dismissal of Inactive Claims.
  • Litigation Control and Attorney Dismissal Assistance.
  • Experience Modification Projection and Assessment.
  • Analyze Claim Reserves for Adequacy.
  • Identify Claims Eligible for Revision.
  • Establish Lifetime Medical Control through MPN Implementation.
  • Conduct Industrial Medical Clinic Tours/Industrial Clinic Designation.
  • Assistance with Return to Work Programs.

Safety & Risk Control Services

  • Analyze Loss Experience and Identify Unsafe Work Site Trends
  • On – Site Safety Assessment
  • Customized Loss Reduction Training Program
  • “Tool Box” Talk Safety Training Materials
  • Customized Site Specific Safety Inspection Forms
  • Review of Osha Compliance Standards
  • Develop, Train, and Implement Compliant Safety Program
  • On – Site Supervisor Training
  • Assist Employer/Insured with Insurance Carrier Safety Recommendations

Unique Program Services

  • Streaming “online” Safety Training Video and Print Material Library
  • Human Resources Consultative Services