GII Human Resources

GII HR offers a cloud-based HR solution full of HR information, tools and resources. In essence, our cloud-based HR solution aggregate, analyze and make sense of the deluge of HR information that emerges every day. It also features a learning platform to meet your ever-expanding employee training needs. It includes newly added courses so employees have around-the-clock access to education, development and compliance training opportunities. It provides all of those valuable online services with a team of live HR experts—real people with extensive knowledge to step in when technology just isn’t enough—when a conversation, a nuanced approach or a human insight is required. The insight and updates our clients are provided with this service allows them to:

  • Resolve people issues in the moment that matters.
  • Get the right answers every time, so they have the peace of mind that they are safe from risk.
  • Offering a reliable on-demand HR department, backing them up every step of the way

GII HR provides a custom and branded solution that combines live expert knowledge and answers with advanced technology, online resources, and training for employees.


Worrying about and thinking of Human Resources?
Let us help by allowing us to assist you in the right approach for those workforce issues, mitigate risks, and make sure your company is HR compliance. At Grosslight we think HR and provide one of the best online services with experts, practical human resource guidance to businesses of all sizes, helping them avoid costly risk and liability and save time.

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  • HR Audit Checklist
  • Q&A database
  • Employee handbook builder
  • Job description builder
  • Performance review tools
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Compliance guidelines and checklists
  • Links to state and federal employment law
  • Regional and national HR compliance news
  • Hiring and termination guidelines
  • Implementation checklists for most used HR processes
  • Intelligent search
  • HR news and thought leadership
  • Whitepapers and webinars library


  • Calls answered live every day
  • Senior level experienced HR professionals with PHR® and SPHR® designations
  • 11 hours of accessibility every business day, 8am-7pm CST
  • Written summaries of calls always available


  • Compliance tracking
  • Course completion management
  • Unlimited access to over 300 courses
  • Custom administration setup
  • Employee report downloads and sharing
  • Easy set up
  • Automated administration notifications
  • Certificate management